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Becube Co Ltd Mod APK 2.25.6 (Mod dinheiro)

2.25.6 157.26 MB 3.9 (43)

Baixe o APK + Mod do Becube Co Ltd gratuitamente. Você pode baixar a versão mais recente do mod Becube Co Ltd e dos arquivos apk originais. Você também pode baixar os arquivos de versão do histórico do mod Becube Co Ltd. A velocidade de download é rápida. E esses arquivos estão livres de vírus.

Informação do Mod
Quanto mais moeda, mais.
Nota: Carga do cartão, desconecte.
Detalhes do aplicativo
Hell Merge is one of the most exciting merge games you have ever seen!

Could you ever imagine building your own amusement park in Hell?! Now it's possible!

Your theme park has seen better times and now it is not in the best condition - can you make it great again? :)
Wipe off dirt and dust, restore the buildings and make the park shine! You will never know what is a new challenge.

Everybody wanna have fun - even demons. The theme park belonged to the tycoon who make it an outstanding place. Can you repeat his success?

However, not everybody is happy about your promotion. Angel Gabriel will do his best to ruin your plans and prevent you from recreating the place. He would love to take over the control.

Let the adventure begin! Collect pieces into a useful tools and solve other puzzles to restore and decorate your park in a way you want. Open new areas and reveal mysteries. Every building has its own unique story to be revealed. You will not find such experience in any other merge games. Don't stay idle and become a true merge mayor and drive your hell merge mansion to the top!


Merge - combine parts into a useful tools needed to renovate the theme park. Can you make a screwdriver from some broken parts? Solve all the puzzles.

Outstanding 3D graphics - enjoy colorful, bright and elaborated appearance of the theme park. Devil is in the details.

Simple gameplay - plain and catchy mechanics will sure make you engaged for quite a while. You will never find yourself idle. ️

Have fun - take a closer look at the rides - there is always something interesting to discover.

Storyline - all places have lots of secrets to reveal. All you have to do is pay attention.

Hell Merge provides you with unique and engaging gameplay and story that differs it from other merge games. Discover merge magic and enjoy an amazing and entertaining merge game!